Chicken stuff of the 512 Tiger Squadron  

There is yet another flying squadron in Schleswig / Jagel. It is quite a bit different. Those squadron members believe they are eagles, but we saw through them. Chickenfarm would be a more appropriate expression for that little zoo over there. Events in the past were used by the 2. squadron to point out to the chickenfarm its real identity. This one sided competition produced several odd stories respectively outcomes. The results are presented in the following, beginning with the current. Have fun. We were as well amused during this competition.

In the night from 4th to the 5th of December 2003 strangers took care of the overdue reconstruction of the sanitary facilities in the 512 squadron. Passionately desired by the comrade "flyers"of the 511 squadron it was then realized under cover of the night.

Lower left you see the still dreary and unproductive closet of the hen house before the reconstruction process. To the right the satisfied new squadron member Anja H. after the first seating trials on the newly-built roost-ladder. She was so pleased that she laid a big egg
The reaction of the squadron commander: "A capital reconstruction measure, very comfortable roost-ladders, perfect seating height. Now it's really cosy in here."

The chickensquadron in its magnificence: No lean plungeing vultures on the squadron badges any more. Instead of that we can see delicious fat chicken everywhere then.
Yes, we do care...

The atmosphere must be alright: There were times you could hear the cock-crow near the 511-kite (with the print of a stylized chicken that pretents to fly) inside the lounge. Unfortunately all batteries are used up after a while and the rooster is silent nowadays.

Inside the - otherwise quite dreary - 511-squadron we took care of some embellishment. In this case the wall of the briefing-room was revalorized by an exceptionally decorative painting to motivate the 511-flyers.

We all feel responsible for the safety of the 511 squadron-members. Close to the "farm" you have to expect frightened up chicken crossing the road. We did care and warned the road users.

From time to time (especially during beer-call after the night-flight in the presence of 511-members) personal of the 512-squadron agree to test the fire-resistenceof the 511-badges. The picture shows examples of different quality-levels.

Occasionally you'll find remnants of 511-squadronmembers that formerly served in the 512.

511-Members seem to bear a special affection for the 2. squadron. There is no other explanation for their willingness to serve proudly for the 512 squadron.