Events of the 512 Tiger Squadron

June 2003

The website of the 512 tiger squadron is online.


"Emils" Pantherjump

"Emil" ran in an unbelievable speed through the "Young-Punks-Holding" and qualified already for the Panther-Jump on 16th of decembre.
We are looking forward to his take-off, the air-refuelling ops, his Panther-mission and to possible intercepts with mexican fighters.
With chance he will get some reinforcement by other Panther-jump candidates, provided we'll have sufficient Air-refuelling capacity.

23rd Feb.2005


Das 512-Squadron badge celebrates its 9th birthday.

After the first drafts (which were rejected by higher headquarters several times for different reasons) for the 512-badge between February 1994 and February 1996, we were glad that the - nowadays officially worn - awesome badge was granted on 23rd February 1996.