Crests of the 512 Tiger Squadron

The official squadronbadge with the illustration of a jumping panther in front of the traditional black-and-white "Immelmannbeam". Underneath the squadron number in red figures.

The squadronbadge with a

The squadronbadge with a tiger-design is preferrably worn for "special events"- especially when flying units, that belong to the "NATO Tiger Association", meet at the "NATO Tiger Meet".

Only those squadron-youngsters who succeed in a predetermined program are allowed to wear the official squadronbadge. Before that they wear this"Young Punks"-Badge.

The "Grey Panther Badge"
for those flyers, who have worn the 512-badge over 10 years in honour, and who have flown over 2000 hours and who are older than 38 years.

"It's party-time.
Let's have some fun, beer
and spicy (511-)chicken!"

This badge was worn by the staff of the former "Recce Exploitation Platoon" of the 512.



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