Souvenirs of the 512 Tiger Squadron

Squadronprint "Max Immelmann"

The Tactical Reconnaissance Wing has a great tradition.
The successful worldwar-I flying ace Max Immelmann ("The Eagle of Lille") lent his name to this wing. In the beginning of his flying career he was an active recce-pilot and after he shot down an enemy airplane in his third flight he converted to a fighter-pilot. In the WW-I he won a lot of air combat missions by employing effective air combat strategies, but lateron he was fired on inadvertently by own atillery and died in his aircraft. Some copies of this print are still available in the squadron.

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Squadronprint"The Panther of Schleswig"

This print was drawn in the year 1998 by a commercial artist.
It depicts a recce Tornado of the 51st Reconnaissance Wing in front of the town Schleswig and in the background the jumping panther of the squadron crest. This aircraft still carries the old Navy recce-pod, which was replaced in the year 1998 by the new developed Air Force recce-pod. The print is available in different sizes and as a postcard in our squadron.

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